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    After the targets are irradiated they are transported to a Mo-99 processing facility.

    • The reactor and Mo-99 processing facility are often in close proximity to one another.  Logistically this is important in order to maximize the amount of radioactivity the processor receives, though not a necessity.

    Processor Nordion

    Processor Name:  MDS Nordion
    Location:  Canada
    Related Reactor:  NRU
    Percent of World Supply:  40%


    Processor IRE

    Processor Name:  The Institute for Radio Elements (IRE)
    Location:  Belgium
    Related Reactor:  HFR, BR-2, OSIRIS, LVR-15 REZ
    Percent of World Supply:  17%


    Processor Mallinckrodt

    Processor Name:  Mallinckrodt
    Location:  Netherlands
    Related Reactor:  HFR, BR-2, Maria
    Percent of World Supply:  26%


    Processor NTP

    Processor Name:  Nuclear Technology Products (NTP)
    Location:  South Africa
    Related Reactor:  SAFARI-1
    Percent of World Supply:  10%


    Processor ANSTO 2

    Processor Name:  Australian Nuclear Science & Technology Organization (ANSTO)
    Location:  Australia
    Related Reactor:  OPAL
    Percent of World Supply:  3%