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    Mallinckrodt has an impressive imaging portfolio and a rich history of outstanding quality and value for over 145 years. We began our nuclear medicine journey in 1966 and have remained on a steady path of providing innovative solutions, exceptional value and a commitment to patient safety ever since.

    For Over 145 Years

    HIstory Timeline - 1867
    Mallinckrodt brothers form G. Mallinckrodt & Company to manufacture pharmaceutical chemicals in St. Louis, Missouri.

    xLine - 1867

    HIstory Timeline - 1966
    Mallinckrodt acquisition of radiopharmaceutical company leads to the manufacturing of technetium Tc-99m generators.
    xLine - 1966-11
    HIstory Timeline - 1983
    First Mallinckrodt radiopharmacies open in Los Angeles, California.
    xLine - 1983-10
    HIstory Timeline - 1989
    Received approval for and introduced generic sodium iodide I 123 capsules imaging agent.
    xLine - 1989-08
    HIstory Timeline - 1990
    Introduced Technescan MAG3™ (kit for the preparation of technetium Tc 99m mertiatide).
    xLine - 1990-07
    HIstory Timeline - 1991
    Introduced Ultratag™ RBC
    (kit for the preparation of technetium Tc 99m-labeled red blood cells).
    xLine - 1991
    HIstory Timeline - 1994
    Introduced Octreoscan™
    (kit for the preparation of indium In-111 pentetreotide).
    xLine - 1994
    HIstory Timeline - 2005
    5th cyclotron installed at production facility.
    xLine - 2005
    HIstory Timeline - 2007
    • 6th cyclotron installed at production facility.
    • Mallinckrodt becomes Covidien, as Tyco International separates into three public companies.
    xLine - 1990-07
    HIstory Timeline - 2008
    Covidien introduces an FDA approved generic sestamibi to the nuclear cardiology community.
    xLine - 1989-08
    HIstory Timeline - 2010
    Maria research reactor in Poland added to Covidien’s global supply chain for molybdenum-99 (Mo-99) bulk.
    xLine - 1983-10
    HIstory Timeline - 2011
    • Covidien processed over 175,000 customer orders through our distribution center.
    • Customer Service order entry accuracy rate of 99.9%.
    xLine - 1966-11
    Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals launches the Ultra-Technekow V4 (Technetium Tc 99m Generator). The V4 is a 100% terminally sterilized Tc 99m generator produced in a brand new state-of-the art facility located inside our Maryland Heights, Missouri Nuclear Medicine Plant.
    xLine - 1994
    HIstory Timeline - Today
    Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals continues to support the nuclear medicine industry through investments in Mo-99 supply, customer collaboration, education and uncompromising quality.
    xLine - 1867