• Supply Chain – Global Transportation

    Mallinckrodt Pharmaceutical  employees at work

  • It’s not just the number of international container shipments we handle a year – around 2,500 by sea and 1,500 by air – that makes our work here so challenging. It’s also the products themselves. They’re classified as controlled substances and hazardous materials. They have to comply with stringent regulations. Many of them demand controlled temperatures and are time sensitive – so delays are out of the question. And that’s just for starters.

    Supply Chain Planning

    By masterminding the flow of inventory and managing customer service, Planning keeps our whole organization operating smoothly. The department works closely with business partners to develop far-sighted schedules that promote stability and allow functional areas to focus on their strategic goals.

    There are four distinct teams: a supply chain project management team tasked with continuous improvement, and three for business areas. In the Specialty Pharmaceuticals segment, one team manages Brands and Generics, while another handles Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. A fourth team is responsible for the Global Medical Imaging segment, including Contrast Media/Delivery Systems and Nuclear Medicine products. These teams manage supply chain activities around the world. And while they work in a highly collaborative way, each Supply Chain Planning Manager owns and drives sales and operations planning for their specific area.

    That brings a lot of responsibility. Yet it also creates many opportunities – both within the department and beyond. A number of people in the team have moved into Marketing, Sales, Manufacturing and Operations roles. You map out your own career path so where you go next is up to you.

    Global Transportation

    Mallinckrodt is a matrix organization, which means our U.S. headquarters works closely with Mallinckrodt counterparts across the world. This department ensures the integrity of our supply chain by contracting third parties to supply different modes of transport globally. Many of these modes of transport involve high security measures and temperature control equipment that’s vital to the integrity of the product. The team’s primary goal is to make sure goods are delivered safely and on time while minimizing cost.

    This is one of the few departments that touches every product line. You’ll help direct and coordinate the transport of everything from raw materials to finished goods. That means finding multiple solutions to logistical problems, building strong relationships with transport firms and freight companies, and keeping a close eye on costs.

    What’s more, you’ll constantly explore the new technologies – including packaging technology and security/tracking systems – that improve processes. For instance, by taking ownership and spearheading initiatives, our Global Transportation experts have created a single system to track the on-time performance of all our international shipments.