• Regulatory Affairs

    Mallinckrodt Pharmaceutical  employees at work

  • Guiding new products to global approval. Keeping all our approved products in step with the world’s ever-changing regulatory requirements. Scrutinizing everything from product labeling and usage instructions to raw materials, manufacturing, and product testing and stability. Then preserving every last regulatory footprint detail.

    These are enormous responsibilities. They mean our products can be trusted and marketed with confidence. By liaising with people across multiple disciplines, from Research & Development and Marketing & Sales teams to people in Product Supply and Legal, as well as global health authorities, you’ll serve as a linchpin – holding the whole operation together.

    Learn constantly

    Along the way you’ll experience many different regulatory disciplines. And you’ll work on a number of innovative products, including active pharmaceutical ingredients, drugs, diagnostics and devices, plus many different dosage forms. It’s a great learning arena, particularly as we’re a relatively small pharmaceutical organization, and Regulatory Affairs has a strong team culture. Whether your role demands a broad range of product, regulatory and scientific knowledge or the technical skills specific to clinical studies and medicine, you’ll grow professionally.

    Move us ahead

    You’ll make sure we continually improve too. Our Regulatory Affairs team is just over 150 strong and based all over the world. Yet it develops and supports several hundred product registrations. That’s why Regulatory Affairs has taken the initiative and launched software that tracks our global registration footprint. The team also uses sophisticated electronic publishing software to process our submissions to global health authorities.

    Make a global impact in a multi-disciplinary team

    We take on people from all sorts of backgrounds. Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Law, Engineering, Journalism and Computer Science are all represented in our team. Whatever your specialty, you’ll have access to a constant flow of information as you keep on top of global requirements. You’ll love getting a holistic view of a product’s development. Above all, you’ll thrive on knowing your input ensures those products are as effective and risk-free as possible.