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Support Pads

Liebel-Flarsheim™ Thick Table Pad, Soft Table Pad, Thin Table Pad, and 24" Extension Pad

Mallinckrodt  offers a variety of pad options to supplement the basic pad provided with the Liebel-Flarsheim imaging system.
The 4" Liebel-Flarsheim thick pad has a cut-out area at the perineal end for increased access to the patient, allowing easier positioning of the ultrasound probe. Designed for use with mechanical stepper devices.
The 2" Liebel-Flarsheim soft table pad provides an extra level of comfort for the patient. The pad is constructed of an open cell material.
The 1" Liebel-Flarsheim thin table pad allows a level of patient comfort while providing clearance for the rotation of the Liebel-Flarsheim urodynamics chair.

A replacement pad for the 24" Liebel-Flarsheim table extension is also available.

Ordering Information

Description Qty Unit Size Order # 11 Digit NDC
Pad, soft table 1 each 2” thick 400790 n/a
Pad, table extension 1 each 24” long 400131 n/a
Pad, thick 1 each 4” thick 404190 n/a
Pad, thin table 1 each 1” thick 400130 n/a
What are the pad thicknesses?The Liebel-Flarsheim thick pad is 4", the soft pad is 2", and the thin pad is 1".
Where is the cut-out on the Liebel-Flarsheim thick pad?At the perineal end, allowing for positioning of the ultrasound probe and the mechanical stepper device.
What sort of material is used in the Liebel-Flarsheim soft table pad?Open cell foam.