• Environmental Health & Safety

    Mallinckrodt Pharmaceutical  employees at work

  • Creating a culture of care

    EHS works globally to protect our people, our workplaces and our communities. The team members oversee radiation protection, environmental protection and health & safety in our plants and offices; and they make sure we meet the rigorous safety requirements of every country where we operate or distribute products. Their responsibilities cover everything from manufacturing, Research & Development and Quality Control labs to commercial and administrative offices and fleet safety. They help us move materials – which, although they’re for use in the human body, may well be classified as hazardous if not handled appropriately – around the world. What’s more, they drive our sustainability process with key input from colleagues in other departments.

    More than that, EHS creates a culture of care across Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals, bringing together professionals who are passionate about reducing risks, boosting innovation and promoting world-class programs.

    Gain a broader view of best practice

    There’ll be no narrow technical focus for you here. Instead you’ll develop a broad view of safety and environmental management as you partner with all levels of the business. Building on your strong technical knowledge and skills, plus your instinctive drive to protect others and the environment, you’ll strengthen an operation that goes well beyond compliance.

    • Our lagging indicators are world class and used as a benchmark by our competitors
    • We create and manage over 1,500 Material Safety Data Sheets
    • We are reducing employee whole-body radiation exposure
    • We help transport thousands of packages of hazardous goods safely every year
    • Our operations across the globe have been honored with multiple awards for their achievements.
    • These include: St. Louis Green Business Challenge St. Louis Metropolitan Sewer District awards and ISO 14001 certification in Dublin
    • We’ve won Metropolitan Sewer District Gold, Silver and Bronze awards for waste water improvements
    • We are taking part in the Carbon Disclosure Project and launching a sustainability policy and initiatives

    Encouraging your development

    Whatever you take ownership of – from employee health to protecting our material assets to the permits that allow us to do business – you’ll grow professionally. We’ll make sure of it with our EHS Mentor program, opportunities to attend national and international EHS conferences, and the chance to broaden and deepen your expertise by taking on assignments in different business units and corporate functions as well as your own area.

    You’ll be able to showcase your technical knowledge, management ability, ethics and instinctive drive to protect our operations, our people and our communities. Bring us those qualities and you’ll be instrumental in creating a ‘one Mallinckrodt’ culture of collaboration and transparency, sharpening our competitive edge.