• Manufacturing Science & Technology

    Mallinckrodt Pharmaceutical  employee at work

  • An array of complex scientific processes. A huge range of products. The relentless pursuit of innovation. Uncompromising standards. There’s plenty in our manufacturing-centric company to spur you on to greater things. And that’s true whether your expertise lies in energy conservation or Information Technology, packaging or pharmaceuticals production, process design or project management.

    Full of good ideas

    Wherever you join us, you’ll feel inspired to make your mark. Our relatively small size means your ideas will be heard. And, where they make good business sense, we’ll act on them. If we’re to remain competitive, and meet the ever-increasing demands of customers and regulatory bodies, we must constantly come up with better ways to meet technical challenges. And we do. Innovative intellectual property is imbedded in many of our products and processes – one of the reasons we’re an industry leader in a host of areas.

    Manufacturing Science & Technology

    This team supports business strategy, projects, programs and improvement initiatives at our manufacturing sites worldwide. You might get involved in designing and constructing a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant, project managing a company-wide program or putting a critical initiative like energy reduction or maintenance excellence into practice. And you’ll be in great company. Our team is diverse and highly talented. A number have earned one of our annual Engineering Excellence awards, while many others hold patents or are recognized industry subject matter experts. Join us here and you’ll have a broader platform for growth. No other company of our size offers the chance to work in so many areas of pharmaceutical manufacturing. Because our portfolio is so broad, we operate a fascinating array of chemical, nuclear and mechanical processes. Our portfolio includes:

    • active pharmaceutical ingredients
    • solid dosage products
    • solutions
    • sterile injectables
    • nuclear medicine products

    As a result, you’ll always have something new to learn. And more opportunities to progress.

    Operations Technical Services (OTS)

    This highly technical group focuses on making excellence the rule throughout Mallinckrodt. And it’s certainly diverse.

    • Operational Excellence (OpEx) uses Six Sigma and Lean manufacturing principles to drive continuous improvement, particularly in product costs and waste elimination
    • Business Systems focuses on improving our information technology
    • Technology Center employs talented scientists to identify unique and innovative approaches to practical problems
    • Maintenance Excellence prevents the equipment problems that could slow or halt production
    • Energy Engineering reduces one of our biggest operational expenses with imaginative approaches to conservation
    • Packaging Engineering develops packaging from initial concept to final product, often by improving the materials we use
    • Pharmaceutical Excellence Program (PEP) identifies best practices, then applies them

    OTS is an exceptional department to work and learn in. Since there are so many technical functions in one place, you’ll interact with different specialists – and face different challenges – daily. You might collaborate with external engineering firms to design a virtual product manufacturing flow for new facilities. Introduce new distribution systems to plants across the world. Or travel overseas to solve manufacturing problems. In the last few months, members of our team have been hands-on in Mexico, Singapore, Hong Kong, Europe, South America, and all 10 of our U.S. and international manufacturing plants. You could even work with a vendor to design a large project to convert paper manufacturing instructions to electronic, as one of our engineers recently did.