• Quality

    Mallinckrodt Pharmaceutical  employee at work

  • All our products come with peace of mind which is vital when they have to swiftly relieve pain or accurately diagnose a life-threatening illness. No wonder quality is one of our core values or that we have such a strong Quality record. You’ll make sure we continue to deserve the trust of patients the world over.

    Meet the highest standards anywhere

    You’ll have a lot to think about. Not only is our industry highly regulated, the regulations vary around the world and across different regulatory bodies. Quality makes sure we meet the regulatory guidelines of more than 90 countries on six continents by scrutinizing everything from the raw materials we use to product packaging and labeling. All products must meet country-specific regulatory agency requirements. Depending on the type and classification of the drug, the operations may also have to meet the requirements of other regulatory bodies enforcing nuclear or drug enforcement policies.

    Gain an all-round view of Quality

    Our Quality team has people in every plant. They make sure all our suppliers meet the necessary regulations as well as our own requirements for Quality and regulatory compliance. We host the U.S. Food & Drug Administration as well as international inspections of our sites. And we constantly strive not only to meet today’s requirements but to look ahead and be ready for those of tomorrow. You’ll be able to experience many different aspects of quality including:

    • Quality Assurance - reviewing and approving documents, verifying their completeness and accuracy
    • Quality Control - testing raw materials and the finished product
    • Quality Systems - improving and managing the systems that:
      • approve suppliers of raw materials
      • handle complaints
      • organize and maintain master documents
      • validate manufacturing processes and the software we use to make Quality decisions
    • Quality Engineering - helping to:
      • analyze data 
      • solve problems
      • conduct investigations and determine root cause

    A great platform for the right people

    You need to be meticulous with detail, fascinated by statistics and adept at looking at products through the eyes of the end-user to work here. Excellent communication skills – both in person and on paper – are also vital. If that sounds like you, Quality is a great place to build a career in the pharmaceutical industry. You can collaborate with Product Supply to solve issues and take action that makes sure our customers get the best possible products when they need them. A large number of our progressive Quality professionals – many of whom hold certificates from the American Society for Quality – go on to higher levels in technical fields like Chemistry and Microbiology, or into Regulatory Affairs, Product Supply or management roles.