• Research & Development

    Mallinckrodt Pharmaceutical  employee at work

  • R&D that gets results fast

    R&D is our engine for growth. Shaping ideas into safer, better technologies to reveal and relieve disease, it makes sure our product pipeline is strong. In the years leading up to our re-emergence as a public company, we’ve gained U.S. Food & Drug Administration approval for and launched nine new products – outstanding for an organization of our size. R&D efforts are also geared toward improving existing products. Examples of both include:

    • extended-release attention deficit, pain and antitussive formulations
    • transdermal, transmucosal, topical and intrathecal analgesics
    • active pharmaceutical ingredients for pain and addiction therapy
    • new formulation for pre-filled syringes for x-ray and magnetic resonance imaging contrast agents
    • a diagnostic kit for cardiac, parathyroid and breast imaging

    And much more is on the way. Our R&D scientists have developed expertise in a number of platform technologies, including:

    • Formulation of oral solids in novel ways to mimic patented delivery systems;
    • Formulation of parenteral products to provide sustained blood levels of select small molecules;
    • Linker technology to attach small molecules to radioisotopes; and • Abuse-deterrent characteristics for oral solids in both immediate-release as well as extended-release to limit abuse and misuse of controlled substances.

    You won’t have long to wait to see the positive results of your work. We focus on projects that have a good probability of commercialization in shorter than average time frames in the pharmaceutical space, making life at Mallinckrodt all the more rewarding. You’ll have great resources, too. Despite being a comparatively small pharmaceutical research organization – you’ll join a team of hundreds of people – we have excellent laboratories and scale-up facilities, plus state-of-the-art analytical tools.

    R&D Program/Project Management

    People in this group guide new products from the laboratory to regulatory approval. Between them they handle more than 50 projects and 100 work streams, including many key pipeline initiatives, with an R&D budget that reflects approximately seven percent of our revenue.

    Work here and limitations will be off limits. You’ll likely touch almost every functional group in Mallinckrodt, including R&D, Portfolio Management, Regulatory Affairs, Supply Chain, Legal, Clinical Affairs and Quality. You may work across disciplines and multiple management levels as you oversee the full product life-cycle. What’s more, you’ll enjoy seeing clinical benefits proved in trials and gaining regulatory approvals for use on patients worldwide.

    The flexibility to work with all sorts of different specialists is key, as are great communication skills. You might be collaborating with formulation chemists on a drug stability issue one minute, then explaining the progress and risks in financial terms to commercial groups the next. So you must be able to adapt your style to a wide range of backgrounds and coordinate the different effects each function has on another in the development process. You’ll know how to overcome obstacles too. And you’ll enjoy improving processes while managing charters, project plans, risks, schedules and cost forecasts.