We employ some 5,500 people worldwide. And while they may all join us with very different skills and backgrounds, they have much in common. They’re eager to contribute – be that a fresh insight, a novel idea or a well-thought-through plan; they love pulling together as a team; and they care deeply about the patients we serve. What’s more, they’re determined to develop themselves as well as our business. Have a look at the routes the careers of just a few of them have taken.



Vice President, Global Pharmacovigilance and Medical Information
St. Louis, Missouri
5 Years

I’ve worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 14 years now. Before that I was a practicing neurologist specializing in the treatment of epilepsy. Seizure-free outcomes for patients were my greatest accomplishments. Today it’s managing the safety of multi-billion dollar drugs in the global marketplace. It’s a big challenge to keep up with, and stay ahead of, the changes in global healthcare. But I’m excited to be facing it here.

2014Current Position 

Vice President, Global Pharmacovigilance and Medical Information

I took responsibility for the global Pharmacovigilance system at the start of the year. My role involves everything from drug adverse event reports and regulatory reporting to evaluation of inappropriate drug behavior signals and risk minimization. Our products are further supported in the marketplace by medical information.

2014Planning ahead 

The medical advances we bring to the marketplace are truly inspirational. I aim to support them with a state-of-the-art pharmacovigilance and risk management system, bringing together the various existing parts of drug safety and medical information to create a global system that maximizes the safe use of our products.

2014Feeling inspired 

The vision of Mallinckrodt’s Chief Medical Officer really resonated with me – science should drive the business. Just as motivational is the chance to help Mallinckrodt emerge as a branded specialty pharmaceutical company with the people and processes to support our products globally.

2014Being supported 

Bringing new therapies to market isn’t easy. One of the great things about the environment here though, is how supportive it is. There’s a great deal of enthusiasm from executive management and the various functions that interact with pharmacovigilance for what our team has to offer.