We employ some 5,500 people worldwide. And while they may all join us with very different skills and backgrounds, they have much in common. They’re eager to contribute – be that a fresh insight, a novel idea or a well-thought-through plan; they love pulling together as a team; and they care deeply about the patients we serve. What’s more, they’re determined to develop themselves as well as our business. Have a look at the routes the careers of just a few of them have taken.



Supply Chain Manager
Montreal, Canada
10 Years

The main reason I joined was the challenge the company presented me with: revamp how we currently supply customers with products from our Montreal Plant. Mallinckrodt is always changing and improving, so I'm never short of fresh goals. Having the chance to run with the ball, drive the business forward and build my own abilities in the process is enormously motivational.

2014Looking ahead 

I’m looking forward to challenging the status quo in the new Mallinckrodt. We don’t subscribe here to the famous saying “It’s always been done this way.” We know change is a great thing when it’s managed well.

2008 - Present Current Position 

Supply Chain Manager

I joined in the Supply Chain Manager role focusing on production planning to safeguard supply to the many regions we service from Montreal. I then worked to improve inventory reduction. After that it was rebranding our products, converting from Tyco to Covidien and then from Covidien to Mallinckrodt.

Wider responsibilities
In Montreal, the Supply Chain Manager takes charge of everything from production planning and purchasing to inventory control, logistics and warehousing. That means I deal with a wide range of people and departments throughout the organization and across the world.

Building know-how
Working with different world regions has boosted my understanding of their specific requirements and taught me how to interact with different nationalities. It’s also given me a broader knowledge of the overall business.

Stand-out moments
A highlight for me was presenting Montreal’s rebranding and artwork flow process to hundreds of people and being told it was best in class. Another was being tasked with finding a new building that would hold numerous departments, four warehouses and a vault. Designing a layout that would amalgamate the warehouses without any negative impact on their different business operations was a challenge, but ultimately really rewarding.