We employ some 5,500 people worldwide. And while they may all join us with very different skills and backgrounds, they have much in common. They’re eager to contribute – be that a fresh insight, a novel idea or a well-thought-through plan; they love pulling together as a team; and they care deeply about the patients we serve. What’s more, they’re determined to develop themselves as well as our business. Have a look at the routes the careers of just a few of them have taken.



Manufacturing Engineer
Hobart, New York
42 Years

When I joined this business I never thought I'd still be here after all this time. I've enjoyed watching the Hobart site grow from a handful of people in the late 70s to the major employer it is today. And as I've been working with product development for over 25 years now, I know how much thought, planning, science and long hours go into getting regulatory approval. Looking ahead, there are several new products in development that I'd love to see in commercial production. The future of Mallinckrodt depends on a pipeline of new products and being part of that future is a reward in itself.

2014Change for the better 

This industry doesn’t grow without change and this change promises to have real impact. I’m looking forward to seeing the new Mallinckrodt focusing on what we do best – on what the Mallinckrodt name has represented for almost two centuries: the highest quality pharmaceuticals that millions worldwide can count on.

2009 - Present Current Position 

Manufacturing Engineer, Product and Process Technology Department

I could easily apply the knowledge I gained in the Outsourcing Department to the work of the Product Research and Development (PR&D) team while continuing to oversee the manufacturing side of customer product development projects. In this role I’ve been able to working with scientists and engineers from PR&D which has taught me a lot.

2006 - 2009Previous Position 

Technical Affairs Assistant, Outsourcing Department

I left from 1998 to 2006 to become the Quality/Regulatory Manager for a smaller pharmaceutical company, and then I came back. Coming back to the Hobart plant was much harder than I expected. Eight years is a long time in this business and things had changed dramatically in the plant. The manufacturing I’d been so heavily involved with was drastically different and there were also new competitors with many new products. Thankfully my experience of managing all the aspects of multiple manufacturing projects helped me get up to speed quickly.

1996 - 1998Previous Position 

Manager of Coating and Encapsulation

Running two departments and related areas meant managing supervisors, team leaders and technicians and everything from production scheduling, compliance, inventory management and product development to hiring, mentoring, evaluating and training the team. I also took care of customer relations and liaised with regulatory bodies.

1983 - 1996Previous Position 

Coating Department Head

As the workload and the workforce I was responsible for grew, I developed time management and other skills – all of them honed by the company’s workshops and courses. The combination of on-the-job experience and formal training prepared me for management of multiple departments.

1978 - 1983Previous Position 

Coating Supervisor

My first managerial role developed my people-handling and scheduling skills and groomed me for department management.

1976 - 1978Previous Position 

Coating Technician

Working mainly on routine product manufacture and record keeping, I learned how the plant functioned and how products were developed and manufactured.