We employ some 5,500 people worldwide. And while they may all join us with very different skills and backgrounds, they have much in common. They’re eager to contribute – be that a fresh insight, a novel idea or a well-thought-through plan; they love pulling together as a team; and they care deeply about the patients we serve. What’s more, they’re determined to develop themselves as well as our business. Have a look at the routes the careers of just a few of them have taken.



Senior Director, Manufacturing
St. Louis Plant
23 Years

Mallinckrodt is becoming a more nimble organization that's focused on pharmaceuticals and I'm excited at the prospect. The future is bright - particularly as we have a strong product portfolio, impressive technical talent and a genuine commitment to excellence. Over the next few years I hope to grow the business beyond all expectations. At the end of the day we all work for the patient, and being able make our impact on their lives even more positively makes me incredibly proud.

2014Current Position 

Senior Director, Manufacturing

I’m formerly responsible for the strategic direction of both the Maryland Heights facility and our site in Petten in the Netherlands, helping them launch initiatives and achieve their goals. Now I am responsible for the largest of our manufacturing operations, the St. Louis Plant. My background has taught me the importance of leading by example, taking care of your people and being very clear about what’s important. I’m still following those guiding principles today.

2011 - 2013Previous Position 

Site Director

Running the highly regulated radiopharmaceutical production site at Maryland Heights, MO gave me a lot to focus on. As well as the site’s vision, strategy and key objectives, I was responsible for finance, distribution, production, materials management, quality compliance, engineering, continuous improvement and environmental health & safety. One of my proudest achievements was making the culture on site more positive by engaging the workforce and implementing their ideas.

2009 - 2011Previous Position 

Plant Manager

I was directing the day-to-day operation of a plant with 350 employees. That meant collaborating with a host of different specialists, including Marketing and senior leaders to develop the vision and strategy for the plant, and Finance to develop the annual operating budget.

2005 - 2009Previous Position 

Plant Manager

In this role I ran a 240-person plant and was responsible for finance, production, quality, materials, operational excellence, engineering, safety and human resources.

2003 - 2005Previous Position 

Production Manager

I led production operations at our Maryland Heights Nuclear Medicine Imaging plant. A few of the highlights include creating a culture of accountability and customer focus and installing a particle accelerator that saved the business $20 million annually.

2001 - 2003Previous Position 

Logistics Planning Manager

As head of Demand Planning for the Imaging and Respiratory businesses, I built a centralized planning team, integrated numerous manufacturing systems into a single Enterprise Resource Planning platform, and developed the infrastructure to manage a central planning group that supported 15 manufacturing facilities.

1999 - 2001Previous Position 

Divisional Planning Manager

The stand-out moments in this role include decreasing customer backorders from $4.5 million to $600,000, and being an instrumental part of a team that raised customer service responsiveness from 65% to 90%, reduced inventory levels by 38%, and improved communications between Marketing and Manufacturing.

1998 - 1999Previous Position 

Senior Logistics Planner

In this role I managed the inventory for multiple warehouse locations and oversaw manufacturing requirements for four plants with over 3,000 finished-good codes. My initiatives converted $267,000 worth of non-moving inventory into sales and lowered freight costs by 4%.

1996 - 1998Previous Position 

Manufacturing Superintendent

I controlled all aspects of the production process for four major product lines and managed an annual budget of $9 million. One of many highlights was being part of the team that achieved ISO 9002 and EN 46002 certification in less than a year.

1996Previous Position 

Production Planner

While preparing the master production schedule and maintaining the minimum raw material inventory needed to support the plan, I chaired weekly planning meetings with production management. The improvements I made reduced backorders from $248,000 to less than $50,000.

1994 - 1996Previous Position 

Manufacturing Supervisor

I joined Mallinckrodt after three years in the Marines. I started by supervising a team of 40 production employees across four separate technologies.