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Leg Crutch Accessories

Liebel-Flarsheim™ Adult Pad/Post, Black Fin Boot Stirrup, Pediatric Pad and Pneumatic Under-Calf Leg Crutches

The Liebel-Flarsheim adult pad and post leg crutch provide a simple system for under-calf support that allows the use of adult pads or optional Liebel-Flarsheim pediatric pads without removing the support posts from the table. One pair of adult pads is included with a Liebel-Flarsheim imaging system purchase. 

Liebel-Flarsheim black fin boot stirrups are designed to provide easy positioning of the patient's lower extremities. Utilizing a padded boot-type design, the stirrups are equipped with a simple twist-lock release motion and feature pneumatically assisted positioning. The stirrups are provided complete with table clamps and "clamshell" pads.

The Liebel-Flarsheim pneumatic under-calf leg crutch offers one hand operation for quick and easy positioning of the patient's legs for examinations. A pair of clamps (335811) is included for mounting the leg crutches to the table rails.

Ordering Information

Description Qty Unit Size Order # 11 Digit NDC
Crutch, pneumatic under-calf 1 pair 400147 n/a
Pad, adult, with post 1 pair 402350 n/a
Pad, pediatric 1 pair 402099 n/a
Stirrups 1 pair 414109 n/a
Do the pad and post come standard with the Liebel-Flarsheim imaging system?Yes.
Is it necessary to remove the pad and post to remove the under-calf leg crutch?No.
Can the same pad and post be used for adult and pediatric under leg calf crutches?Yes.
What part of the body does the Liebel-Flarsheim black fin boot stirrup leg crutch support?Lower extremities.
What kind of release does the boot stirrup have?Twist-lock release.
Where do the table clamps fit on the table to attach to the Liebel-Flarsheim pneumatic under-calf leg crutch?The clamps, included with the crutches, are attached to the side rails.