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Liebel-Flarsheim™ Radiation Shields

Overtable and Undertable

Mallinckrodt offers two shields designed to aid radiation protection for physicians when using the Liebel-Flarsheim imaging system. They can each be used alone, or combined if additional shielding is desired.
The Liebel-Flarsheim overtable radiation shield mounts to the Liebel-Flarsheim anesthesia screen holder (333102) and is designed to provide an additional level of radiation protection to the physician. An additional shield can be mounted at the head end of the table to provide an extra measure of protection for the anesthesiologist.
The Liebel-Flarsheim undertable radiation shield is also designed to provide additional radiation protection for the physician. The shield fits at the foot end of the table just below the table for added protection.

Ordering Information

Description Qty Unit Size Order # 11 Digit NDC
Shield, overtable radiation 1 each 710119 n/a
Shield, undertable radiation 1 each 710120 n/a
Where does the Liebel-Flarsheim overtable radiation shield mount?To the Liebel-Flarsheim anesthesia screen holder.
Where is the Liebel-Flarsheim undertable radiation shield placed?Under the foot end of the table.
What is the purpose of the shields?Each is designed to provide additional radiation protection for the physician.