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Patient Support Devices

Liebel-Flarsheim™ Compression Device, Hand Grips, Patient Restraint Straps, Shoulder Supports and Wedge Pad

Mallinckrodt offers numerous devices to aid patient support when using the Liebel-Flarsheim imaging system:
The Liebel-Flarsheim compression device utilizes a washable cloth band with a ratchet mechanism to apply compression across the patient's abdomen to avoid interference with imaging of the urinary tract on larger or gas distended patients, and improves contrast pooling in the proximal urinary tract. The compression device may also be used as a patient restraint.
Liebel-Flarsheim hand grips can be used for tilting the table from the horizontal to the vertical position. A single Liebel-Flarsheim hand grip mounted to the far side of the table assists patients in getting on and off the table. They also provide an additional sense of security for the patient when tilting the table from the horizontal to the vertical position.
The Liebel-Flarsheim patient restraint strap provides an additional safety feature by attaching to the table rails and fitting over the patient's chest.

Liebel-Flarsheim shoulder supports are designed to add a level of security for the patient when the table is placed in a Trendelenberg (head down) position.

The Liebel-Flarsheim wedge body pad is designed to fit on the table pad top to provide elevation of the patient's upper body and provide an extra level of comfort for patients with osteoporosis, kyphosis or dyspnea.

Ordering Information

Description Qty Unit Size Order # 11 Digit NDC
Grips, hand 1 pair 333105 n/a
Pad, wedge 1 each 333110 n/a
Strap, restraint 1 each 403095 n/a
Supports, shoulder 1 pair 235098 n/a
Which patient types are appropriate for using the Liebel-Flarsheim compression device?Those with a gas-distended abdomen.
Are the Liebel-Flarsheim hand grips designed to provide additional support when tilting the table from horizontal to vertical positions?Yes.
Can the Liebel-Flarsheim patient restraint strap be utilized for exceptionally large patients?Yes, an expandable strap attached to the side rails allows patient positioning for a range of patient sizes, though it may not accommodate the table's limit of patients up to 750 pounds.
When is it appropriate to use the Liebel-Flarsheim shoulder supports?When the table is in the Trendelenberg position.
Where is the Liebel-Flarsheim wedge pad placed?On top of the regular table pad for greater comfort.