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Urology Accessory Shelves / Equipment Racks

Liebel-Flarsheim™ Accessory Racks, Fixed and Mobile; Mobile Control Room Cabinet; Side Shelf Unit

Mallinckrodt offers a variety of options for storage of accessories and equipment to complement the Liebel-Flarsheim imaging system.
The Liebel-Flarsheim fixed accessory rack is made of stainless steel and designed for wall mounting.
The Liebel-Flarsheim mobile accessory rack, also made of stainless steel, is mobile and allows for movement around the operating room.
The Liebel-Flarsheim mobile control room cabinet features a laminate finish, allowing for easier cleaning. It is designed to hold the generator console, digital system, printer and manuals, with a total weight limit of 200 pounds. Lockable casters allow for simple switch from fixed to mobile position.
The Liebel-Flarsheim side shelf unit is designed to accommodate auxiliary equipment such as a light source, video endoscopy system, VCR, etc. It attaches to the table tower, always remaining in the same relative position to the table top regardless of changes to table height.

The Liebel-Flarsheim side shelf unit can be mounted at the foot or head end of the table, or two sets of shelves can be used to provide additional storage with one at each end of the table. It is supplied with three short platforms (20"W x 15"D) and three long platforms (20"W x 20"D), and can be configured with up to three of either style. The Liebel-Flarsheim side shelf unit supports a combined weight of up to 150 pounds; the individual platforms are vertically adjustable to best fit the facility's ancillary equipment. Open design helps to ensure equipment may be positioned for easier access to controls.

Ordering Information

Description Qty Unit Size Order # 11 Digit NDC
Cabinet, mobile control room 1 each 500200 n/a
Rack, fixed accessory 1 each 230028 n/a
Rack, mobile accessory 1 each 230017 n/a
Shelf, side unit 1 each 500280 n/a
What are the Liebel-Flarsheim accessory racks made of?Stainless steel.
How much weight will the Liebel-Flarsheim mobile control room cabinet hold?200 pounds.
How much weight will the Liebel-Flarsheim side shelf unit hold?Up to a combined total of 150 pounds.
What size platforms come with the Liebel-Flarsheim side shelf unit?Three 20"W x 15"D and three 20"W x 20"D.
Where is the Liebel-Flarsheim side shelf unit positioned?It is attached to the table tower, and can be mounted at the head or foot end of the table.