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Accessory Pack for Ultra-Technekow™ DTE (technetium Tc 99m generator)

When ordering an Ultra-Technekow DTE generator, a choice of accessory packs is also provided containing either 10mL or 20mL evacuated vials. These accessory packs also include a vial of sodium chloride (saline) eluant. For the larger size generators (11 Ci to 19 Ci), an additional saline vial is provided. The kit components include:

  • 7 - 10 mL evacuated vials OR 5 - 20 mL evacuated vials
  • 1 - Technestat™ vial (5 mL vial containing 0.5 mL of paraben solution)
  • 1 - 0.9% sodium chloride eluant, 135 mL for 1 Ci to 7.5 Ci generators OR 2 sodium chloride eluant, 135 mL for 11 Ci - 19 Ci generators
  • 1 - Ultra-Technekow DTE (technetium Tc 99m generator) package insert
  • 7 - pressure sensitive radioactive material/sodium pertechnetate Tc99m labels
  • 7 - pressure sensitive radioassay safe labels
  • Wipe/sticker assembly containing 7 alcohol preps and 7 sets of labels

For full prescribing information on the Ultra-Technekow DTE generator, use side link to its package insert.

How Supplied

Distribution Direct
Shelf Life Based on earliest expiration of components in kits and may vary.
Storage Conditions Room temperature

Order Information

Description Qty Unit Size Order # 11 Digit NDC
Vial pack, evacuated (1 saline) 7 each 10 mL N811A0 n/a
Vial pack, evacuated (1 saline) 5 each 20 mL N812A0 n/a
Vial pack, evacuated (2 saline) 7 each 10 mL N81113 n/a
Vial pack, evacuated (2 saline) 5 each 20 mL N81213 n/a


Is an accessory pack for Ultra-Technekow DTE generators automatically included with any generator order?Yes. You must choose which size pack you prefer - 10 mL or 20 mL evacuated vials.
Is additional saline provided in the accessory pack for larger generators?Yes, we automatically add two vials of saline rather than one for 11 Ci to 19 Ci generators.
How can I obtain additional accessory packs?They can be ordered through the Customer Service Department at (888) 744-1414.
Who do I contact for additional safety or usage questions?Call Mallinkrodt Product Monitoring at .800.778.7898.