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Shipping Box for use with Ultra-Technekow™ DTE (technetium Tc 99m generator)

All Ultra-Technekow DTE generators must be returned in the original, Department of Transportation (DOT)-approved shipping box (or replacement). Lead and tungsten shielded units must be returned in a brown shipping box and depleted uranium (DU) units in a white shipping box.


How Supplied

Distribution Direct

Order Information

Description Qty Unit Size Order # 11 Digit NDC
Box (brown), shipping for lead/tungsten generators 1 each N804A0 n/a
Box (white), shipping for depleted uranium generators 1 each N797A0 n/a


When returning an Ultra-Technekow DTE generator, does it matter which type of box is used to return the expired product?Yes. All units must be returned in the original, DOT-approved shipping box (or replacement), brown for lead and tungsten shielded units and white for depleted uranium (DU) units. Additional shipping boxes can be obtained for a nominal charge through the Customer Service Department at 888.744.1414.