Quality, Environment, Health & Safety


At Mallinckrodt, our dedication to Quality reflects our personal and corporate commitment to excellence:

The company has been built on the core strengths of producing quality products, the integrity of our employees, and a keen eye on customer service.

Our guiding principles are:

  1. Patient Safety as the highest priority, pre-eminent in every decision we make.
  2. Complying with applicable laws and regulations as well as internal requirements to position our company as a model for compliance and integrity.
  3. Being recognized as an industry leader in providing quality products and services which meet or exceed the requirements and needs of our patients.
  4. Continuously challenging ourselves to improve the quality management system, our Quality processes and operational excellence through the review and analysis of quality objectives and results.
  5. Encouraging participation and promotion of quality responsibilities among all employees and third parties through education, training and coaching, supervision, and effective communication.

We are committed to communicating our Quality guiding principles to all employees and third parties, and to provide the required leadership, management, and resources to achieve our quality objectives.


Environment, Health & Safety (EHS)

At Mallinckrodt, we believe our commitment to protecting health, safety and our environment starts with a socially responsible culture. That’s why we remain focused on building safety and environmental excellence into all of our processes from start to finish.

In doing so, our expectation is an injury-free workplace and an assurance that our activities do not result in adverse safety, health or environmental impacts either on or off-site.

Our EHS Efforts

At Mallinckrodt, every employee is responsible for environment, health and safety — leading us to continuously improve our EHS performance by recognizing, evaluating and controlling risks. We will continue to conserve resources by improving efficiencies, reducing our consumption and reducing waste.

Some of the main features of our EHS efforts include:

  • A well-established EHS management system, including internal protocols and standards adapted to meet or exceed compliance with applicable laws
  • Continuous improvement to become a more sustainable and responsible business
  • Enterprise-wide EHS management software with utilized and established metrics and measures, including both lagging and leading indicators, to evaluate and project company performance
  • An internal and external auditing program to assure Mallinckrodt standards are consistently applied

To access our Safety Data Sheets (SDS), please use our SDS search database.