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Our Core Four Values - Supply Continuity


As the only Western supplier of acetaminophen, Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals is a trustworthy, reliable source for the products your customers depend on. Our flexible manufacturing and long-standing supplier relationships help us ensure a continuous, uninterrupted supply. Investments in redundant equipment, spare parts, reliable suppliers, strategic warehousing and a formal business continuity plan help us deliver your acetaminophen orders when and where you need them.

Reliable Manufacturing

  • We have built-in protection against line failures by investing in duplicate equipment, as well as keeping critical spare parts on-hand at our facilities. We also perform routine preventive maintenance to assure equipment reliability.
  • As your API partner of choice, we’re there when you need us. When Chinese acetaminophen manufactures shut down during the 2008 Olympics, Mallinckrodt increased production to ensure customers all over the world received the product they needed.
  • To assure deliveries to our customers when the unexpected occurs, we hold safety stock of many of our product codes at our warehouses in Raleigh, North Carolina; Leigh, United Kingdom; and Greenville, Illinois.
  • Committed to continuous improvement of our plants, we’re making significant investments in our acetaminophen manufacturing facilities to bring value to your supply chain for years to come.

Supply Assurances

  • Mallinckrodt is an essential customer of our biggest suppliers because of our consistent, predictable buying habits and strength of our Acetaminophen business. Our suppliers understand the critical nature of our products and the importance they have to your customers. They work with us to ensure we’re a priority customer that receives the raw materials to supply your orders.
  • To prepare for any unforeseen supply issues, three of our most critical acetaminophen raw materials are sourced from multiple locations to ensure supply continuity.
  • We have a long-term contract with our supplier of acetic anhydride, and we’ve experienced no significant service outages since that contract began in 1996.
  • We keep safety stock of our critical raw materials at our manufacturing sites to quickly meet customer orders in case of an unexpected issue with our suppliers.

At Mallinckrodt, our commitment to supply continuity means we work closely with our suppliers and invest in our operations to ensure you receive the acetaminophen products your customers rely on. We look forward to servicing your business as your supplier of choice.