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Our Core Four Values - Supply Continuity


With more than 125 years of experience producing controlled substance API products, we have the regulatory, forecasting and sourcing expertise to help ensure delivery of your orders when and where you need them — all over the world. Here’s how you benefit from our long-standing relationships and industry-leading planning process.

Controlled Substance Experience

  • As the largest controlled substance API producer in the United States, our production and shipping facilities enable us to deliver large, custom-packaged lots to our customers. This limits the amount of testing you need to perform on products, improving your efficiency and lowering your total costs.
  • We have decades of experience working with regulatory agencies like the United States (US) Food and Drug Administration, US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the European Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency. Our experience, size, systems and dedication to customer service allow us to effectively deal with fluctuations in market demand, helping to ensure you receive product in a timely manner.
  • As a supplier of controlled substance APIs to the global market, 60 countries on six continents, we have the staff and knowledge to support your international business.

Forecasting and Sourcing

  • We work closely with our customers to forecast their demand, and predict overall market demand for our products. This allows us to plan appropriate levels of production to meet customer requirements and build emergency stock.
  • Our long-term relationships with regulatory bodies like the DEA help us anticipate and plan for quota to meet your needs. A few years ago, we anticipated an inequity in the supply-and-demand balance for Morphine in the coming years. Thus, working with the DEA, we increased our sourcing of other alkaloids to ensure our customers received the API products they needed without disruption.
  • Our customers appreciate our industry-leading order fill rates and ability to deliver on short notice. Our sizeable quotas and forecasting knowledge enable us to provide significant volume when you receive an unexpected spike in orders.

For more than a century, we’ve reliably delivered controlled substance products to our customers, leveraging our long-term relationships and deep knowledge of the industry to drive value into your supply chain. We look forward to servicing your business as your supplier of choice.